Collaboration from design to delivery, and beyond!

Software development is a complex process. Let us guide you through it.


A parallel design approach saves time, optimizes function and ROI
  • Deep dive into needs with key users and stakeholders
  • Assess user experience (UX) and aesthetic needs
  • Identify workflow-enhancing opportunities
  • Develop specifications to guide build and test plans
  • Jointly prioritize features to optimize ROI, schedule


Meet expectations with iterative development, continual interaction
  • Jumpstart with proven, basic functionality templates
  • Incremental delivery of coherent feature sets
  • Recurring check-ins with client – feedback, training
  • Joint, iterative validation/tuning of UX and workflow
  • Confirmation of application security/compliance requirements
  • Final User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


Time for your custom application to launch!
  • Hosting of choice: cloud or on-premises data center
  • Confirmation of environment requirements
  • Complete and test final data migrations
  • Business continuity procedures in place
  • Training complete
  • Go live!


Providing as much or as little help as you want after launch
  • Post-launch progress reviews with users and stakeholders
  • Active monitoring/adjustments for maximum continuity
  • Ongoing training and technical support
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Ad-hoc querying of data for client analyses
  • Assistance with third-party audits


Ongoing partnership to support business growth and change
  • Implement features deferred from initial scope
  • Adapt to changes in business mission, market, and regulations
  • Adapt UX to evolving technology and user proficiency
  • Provide enhanced workflow automation
  • Implement scaling to meet growth demands