Successful applications begin with experience

We've covered a lot of ground over the past 19 years.

Diverse Industries & Functionality

Powering our way through industry after industry, challenge after challenge, solution after solution.

Data AnyWare uses its extensive cross-industry experience to particular advantage for its clients. By servicing a variety of industries, we’ve tackled a broader array of challenges which in turn have populated our “toolbox” of ideas and solutions for the challenges your organization faces. There are also many elements of functionality that are applicable across industries.

Keep in mind that if we’ve done it before, then you’re that much closer to having your application up and running – with high reliability!

Development Strategy

We believe we serve our clients best – and reduce the risk of early obsolescence - when we stick with proven technologies.

Having built applications that are still in use more than 10 years after initial launch, we understand the value in a development strategy to produce software that not only works well today but that can readily evolve with the changing needs of our clients' businesses.

  • Rather than jump on each latest development technology, we vet each technology for support, security, maintainability, ease of use, and potential longevity before adopting it.
  • Software we build to run on servers or workstations leverages the venerable Microsoft .NET technology stack (.NET Framework and cross-platform .NET Core).
  • Client (browser) functionality for web applications we build relies on proven, open-source JavaScript components.
  • We're fanatical about producing succinct yet highly readable code that adheres to well-tested patterns and minimizes redundancy. Every line of code is a hiding place for bugs; our applications contain way less code than the applications they replace.
  • We've take advantage of commonalities between the many types of applications we've built to produce reusable components that do much of the heavy lifting while:
    • Reducing time and cost to write code
    • Improving stability by leveraging existing, well-tested code

While primarily relying on the Microsoft .NET technology stack, we have the expertise to leverage the right technologies to meet your needs.