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We’ve built our reputation around delivering transformational custom software.

Application Development

Converting ideas into intelligent software.

Business-focused applications are at the heart of everything we do. Our proven process for application development begins with thoughtful design, where we often discover ways to achieve greater ROI than our clients anticipated. Depth of experience allows Data AnyWare to ask the right questions from the outset – questions that save both development time and money.

Your App, Your Team

Our application architects/developers are with you for the long-haul – ready to swiftly provide extensions to applications as your needs change, ready to train new staff members if needed, and ready to help with any surprise needs that crop up over time. Data AnyWare offers ongoing support for your applications consistent with each individual client’s needs.

Cloud • SaaS • Intranet

We are ready to take you to the cloud, whether it’s retooling an on-premises application or creating an integrated cloud/mobile solution to help you address evolving business needs. We also build intranet applications tailored to specific client needs including integration with devices, other systems, and Windows Active Directory / LDAP authentication.


Our web application architectures start with mobile application support in mind, making mobile apps an easy and logical extension of the web application. Whether you need mobile-friendly web applications or native mobile applications, we have the expertise to capture and display data where you need it, when you need it.

Application Upgrades & Replacements

Current, well-designed software means higher productivity and fewer missed opportunities. Taking short cuts does not.

Many clients come to us because the application they currently use (or recently had built by another vendor) is simply not meeting their needs. Both growing and seasoned businesses demand more than a simplistically designed database supporting their applications. They need a design that is robust, flexible, forward-thinking, and supportive of complex business workflows – not just a “pretty front-end” application that provides rudimentary data access.

Save yourself some time and expense – see how we’re different from other vendors and why we’re often called upon to replace what they’ve built.

Support & Enhancements

Businesses continue to evolve after the launch of new applications, often more than their managers realize.

Built-in flexibility

Business-focused applications must flex to the evolving needs of the users they support. We consider future business evolution throughout application design and development.

  • Need to add support for a mobile app?
    Your application will have many of the building blocks right where they’re needed already, by design.
  • Need to integrate with another platform?
    Your application will already have the architectural “socket” to plug in the integration functionality.

Concurrent Development

Business changes often happen in parallel. What happens if you need an urgent change to your application while in the middle of developing feature enhancements?

At Data AnyWare, this is no problem because we are experienced with managing concurrent changes to development, staging, and production versions of applications to avoid delays in delivering updates at any level.