Not all development firms are created equal

We excel at meeting the unique challenges presented by custom software development.

Three big differences

We’ll keep it simple – this is how we differ from many competitors:

Business Focused

Emphasis on the function and ROI of your application and the role it performs for your employees and customers.

Heavy Lifters

Focusing on our skills on functionality, performance, and scalability rather than broad spectrum services such as web design and content management.

Made in the USA

Domestic development – better control, highly skilled workforce, strong and enforceable IP protection, no obtrusive time-zone delays, and no communication barriers.

"Shovel-ready" Development Team

Why build an in-house development team when Data AnyWare provides a compelling alternative?

Think beyond labor rates to the true cost of assembling, supporting, and retaining a high-functioning design/development team. We offer on-time, within-budget functionality – every time!

  • No learning curve, no trial-and-error development: Jump start with a production-tested, core web application infrastructure and well-established coding patterns and practices.
  • No development infrastructure setup or team orientation needed: Your application will be in the hands of a development team with a high familiarity with each other and our well-oiled development life cycle processes.
  • No HR hassles or overhead costs for temporary expertise: The highly experienced technical and project management lead professional dedicated to your project will stay involved throughout the development cycle and beyond.
  • No novice mistakes: We'll bring cross-sector experience and a multitude of prior development scenarios to draw upon for approaches to solve even the toughest technical challenges.
  • No budget-busting surprises: Avoid late-stage budget overruns that occur when your temporary team must stay on for extra weeks or months to complete the planned features.
After your application is built...

With Data AnyWare, the institutional memory of your business and application remains available for later modifications and updates long after your interim in-house team fades away. We’ve forged a solid reputation and client base during our 19+ years of operation to ensure we can support your business for years to come!

Baked-in Application Features

Some of the greatest finishing touches are best added at the beginning.

The application architectures we employ represent over 19 years of accumulated business-focused software development experience. That means that many “baked-in” features for data management, service-oriented data processing , security, and UI display will work as-is, or only need minimal tailoring, for your custom application.

Examples of Data AnyWare’s “baked-in” functionality that can reduce development cost and time to deployment include:

  • User-customizable dropdown and multi-select lists to put the power of configurability in the users’ hands.
  • Report generation in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, Word and various image formats.
  • Unobtrusive multi-message feedback to inform users of the results of their actions or provide warnings, with a messaging approach that easily provides helpful feedback even for complex, multi-step/multi-record processes.
  • Built-in first- and last-touch auditing that includes username and timestamp for each record insert and modification, with the option to add comprehensive audit logging of every data modification and record access.
  • Built-in application event logging and notifications to monitor user activities and the health of the application.
  • Easily configurable entry forms to display each field as editable, read-only, or hidden based on the user role and state of the record being edited.
  • Integrated client/server-side/API data validation based on one centralized set of validation criteria to avoid validation gaps and mismatches.

Pricing Model

Our experience gives us the confidence to build applications on a fixed-fee basis.

Budget overruns are a common frustration for clients trying to get their software built. We understand the importance of fiscal constraints and the need for confidence in project budgeting. So, unlike our competitors, we offer almost all of our development services on a detailed per-feature, fixed-fee basis so that clients can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Why do we take on fixed-fee development risk?
  • We have high confidence in our ability to design and budget for application development.
  • We believe clients make the best choices when they know what each feature will cost.

Proven Process

A lot has to go right for an application to hit its mark.

We thrive by using a highly efficient process that allows us to get the job done right the first time. Our process is modeled around team productivity, and has been honed by a competitive environment and willingness to perform work on a fixed-fee basis.

Examine our five-step process (Design • Develop • Deliver • Sustain • Enhance) to learn how it minimizes risk and provides both short-term and long-term confidence in the success of your application and business.