About the Prevention Partners legacy website: Data AnyWare is bringing this content from Prevention Partners to the web in appreciation of their patronage for nearly a decade and, moreover, their contribution to the health and well-being of people throughout the country.

Sponsors and Contributors

Thank you to our Legacy Sponsors and Contributors, 2017-2018

Over 20 years, the resources and partnerships that funded our work took many forms: grants, contracts, sponsorships, individual contributions, donated expertise, social impact investments, fundraising events, and licensing fees. These donors are summarized in the Annual Report.

We are grateful to the 2017-2018 sponsors and donors who made this Prevention Legacy website possible:

Vanguard - $36,000

Dr. Meg Molloy and Dr. Cameron Binnie

In honor of founding board member and Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, by his wife, founding board chair Peg O'Connell.

Leadership Circle - $15,000


Prevention Champion - $10,000

Friend - $3,000

Kim and Howard Forrest

Partner - $2,500

Platinum - $2,000

Dr. Gregg Stave and Dr. Christine Hunt

Diamond - $1,500

Gold - $250

Kate Ahlport

Chuck Frock

Dr. William Kraus

Silver - $150

Nick Sullivan

Bronze - $100

Tommy Williams

We thank our Believe-in-Prevention-Challenge 2016-2017 donors


United Healthcare

Gregg Stave

David Johnston
Meg Molloy and Cameron Binnie
Mary Margaret O’Connell

Peter Chauncey
Shelley Kalfas
Shailesh Maingi

Kate Ahlport
Pam Boland
Sig Hutchinson
Martin Kelleher
Jeff Maddox
McMillan Pate & Company LLP
David Moore
Reggie Pearson
Tommy Williams

Pam Highsmith
Ron Janis and Susan Spears
Kineticos Life Sciences
John B Lewis, Jr
Phil Mendys
Barry Popkin
William Pully
Anna Schenck
Chris Skowronek
Nicholas Sullivan

Dan Ahlport
Anne Rogers
Steve Lawler
Bob Weiser

Carl Blackwood
Doug Call
Judy Chang
Jo Anne Earp
Kim and Howard Forrest
Jim Hauge
William & Viravan Maixner
Madison Newmeyer
Bess Ramey
Sharon Sawchak
Jeffrey Simms
Renee and Howard Stave
Earl Ward
Cyndy Weeks
Fikry Isaac WellWorld Consulting

Brandon Adams
Beverly Biggs
Ivis Bohlen
James & Jennifer Collins
Jessica Desrosier
Mark Dessauer
Donna Dinkin
Tope Emiola
Nekita Eubanks
Jerel Fast
Allison Glasser
Erica Rapport Gringle
Gail and Butch Gunnells
Ann Somers Hogg
Janice Horner
Gillian Kelleher
Jeremy Lipscomb
Mark Livingston and Kem Ellis
Rwenshaun Miller
Meaghan C ONeal
Ni-Eric Perkins
Breyon Raynor
Carolyn Robbins
Peter Rubinas
Erin Shigekawa
Christina Simpson
Patty & Andrew Sprouse
Lee Storrow
Betsy Vetter
Lisa Watts
Cara Wilck
Kay Wilson
Justin Wright